What does the ring placement signify in men's rings

  • The thumb ring in Asia used to be associated with bravery and high status in society. A ring on this finger represents change and flow usually associated with creative personalities. When worn on the active hand indicates an assertive personality.
  • A ring on the pinky finger is usually associated with intelligence. Family crests are often worn on pinky fingers. When worn on the active hand –great negotiating skills along with an excellent ability to express yourself. Worn on the passive hand, it shows a strong intuition and great listening skills. A ring on that finger will get more attention. Prefer a subdued tone and relatively slim ring 
  • A ring on the index finger is usually worn by People of high rank – kings, dignitaries but it's also a great choice for a class ring or a family ring. It Symbolizes power and authority and shows leadership qualities, self-esteem, and confidence. 
  • A ring on the Middle finger is associated with balance, wisdom. It shows a person that honors responsibilities and values in life. One that has a strong moral compass, and distinguishes between right and wrong.
  • The Wedding finger is the only finger that has an unbroken artery that leads straight to the heart, thus creating a direct connection to the heart to signify an eternal bond. This is why a ring on this finger is associated with romance. It also shows creativity and a sense of well-being.

Gentlemen, where would you wear yours?