Tips For Business Video Conferences

Who would’ve thought that our work life would shift office meetings, conferences and appointments to a virtual video world? Remember the time when you had to prepare a suitcase for a business trip, and make sure you had the right outfit for the right event? Now this all seems to have been condensed to Zoom calls, FaceTime meetings, Skype calls, and so forth but you can still make your presence stand out. Here are a few tips:

  1. Good Lighting: We’ve all seen how proper lighting can make a huge difference when in front of a camera. Thankfully you can preview and make adjustments.
  2. Camera position and angle: The camera should be placed slightly above your eyesight. This combined with good lighting should make you look your best.
  3. Background: a lot of apps give the option to create a virtual background, but since you are working from home it would be great to create an area that looks decluttered, neat and decorated appropriately.  
  4. Dress for work: Just like you would do if you were meeting in person, wear appropriate work clothes and make up. Choose colors that flatter you and avoid patterns since they tend to not work well with the camera. 
  5. Accessorize smartly: Since your coworkers will be seeing your torso it’s a great chance to add a little bit of personal touches with accessories. This can include any of the following: Earrings, pendants / necklace, Brooch, Bracelets, Rings

Wearing Jewellery is an important part of completing an outfit. They should not be omitted or picked at the last minute. A well-thought piece brings attention to detail, emphasizes your personality and brings the glam to your outfit. Choosing jewellery needs to be carefully thought out. You can choose to be a little more bold, or be more discreet by wearing a piece that would bring brilliance without being too present. 

Earrings:  are a great way to accessorize. You can choose subtle studs or longer ones that frame your face. Make sure they are not taking focus from your face and what you’re saying.

 Pendants / Necklace: Pendants are a wonderful way to show your character and style. They can be hanging on a rope, leather or metal chain and they can represent anything from your religious or philosophical beliefs to simply decorative purposes. A necklace can be tricky. Go with something more subtle that is not trying to steal focus from you. 

Brooch: These items seem to be making  a comeback! A nice brooch can give your outfit the extra “oomph”. A one color jacket can be lifted to an outfit simply by adding a brooch. These can be a family heirloom or a personal statement.


Bracelets: Many cultures believe that stones and metals have healing powers and are helping the person wearing them balance their energy. Most people just find them gorgeous. It doesn't really matter what your reason is, just make sure, as with any accessory, that it matches your overall look, it doesn’t pull focus and is not noisy. 

Rings: Rings are as much a personal choice as they are a statement. They are versatile, they convey messages (see our previous post) and can be a subtle or bold decoration. Whether you choose a thin band or a big statement ring, it can give you confidence and is the type of accessory that you yourself can easily see; so it can also be inspiring. 



Finally, make your choice but remember even though you can never OWN too much jewelry, you can definitely WEAR too much. Pick your favorite ones for the occasion, and remember to not over do it! Happy Video conferencing!