A question we’ve all thought about. However, a simple way to look at this is that: unlike clothing, jewelry not only will hold its aesthetic value for much longer but also some designs never go out of style.

Selecting jewelry should not feel like a chore! It’s a statement of love and commitment to you and that makes it all worth it. How you proceed in making that decision is entirely up to you, but it is it? How affected are you by others? Are you in full control when picking your jewelry or do trends matter and affect your decision making? Here are some thoughts and some questions to ask yourself.

Symbolism What does the jewelry signify? Whether it’s a gift from a husband, mother or friend, jewelry is usually given to show affection, love and commitment. 

When you gift a piece of jewelry, a noble person recognizes it for exactly that; ‘a display of affection, love and commitment’.  Moreover, the intent and the level of affection you have for the recipient can indirectly be signified by how much thought is spent and what type of jewelry is given. Ask these questions: 

  • What is your favorite stone? 
  • What is your birthstone?  
  • What does each stone symbolize? 

NOTE: Did you know that certain stones are believed to promote emotional stability, protection and this can help someone’s self-esteem?

Choose Timeless or Trendy? When considering a piece of jewelry, you may wonder “do I go with a timeless piece, or do I go for the current trend?”. There are arguments for and against both.

Some forms of jewelry may show their age over time. And by that I don’t mean in the quality of the jewelry, but in the design itself. Many trends appear for a few years but then dissolve into oblivion, never to be seen again. A piece maybe considered “in” this year but sooner or later be consider as out of place, dated or even gaudy.

At the same time, traditional forms of jewelry may face similar problems. If a wedding ring cannot be “dated” (is it five or five hundred years old?) that can be a good thing. 

History of art proves that most designs eventually resurface. However, some forms of jewelry in this category can feel antiquated or even folklore with changes in fashion.

Ultimately, it really depends on your overall style: are you somebody who seeks to conform in all situations, or are you more of a Rockstar, setting your own trends? The answer to this question will help guide your decision on whether to go with a timeless or trendy piece.

The Cost
Designs in jewelry often change with recent trends, featuring innovative designs, elements and complex arrangements of metal and stones. Usually, this can add to the cost of the jewelry when compared to more traditional rings, bracelets, earrings and more. Additionally, new trends in jewelry often mean that these items are in higher demand, which also results in higher prices. That is, literally, the cost one must pay in order to follow the current flow.

This, of course, isn’t to say that traditional forms of jewelry can’t be expensive, but it’s more likely that you’re going to be paying a premium if you aim for the latest trends and not necessarily be getting better quality.


What is the statement you want to make with your jewelry? The lines, styles, as well as the quality of the materials used are making a statement for you. Even though a more timeless piece can indicate stability, a trendy piece may send the message that you’re new, fresh and constantly changing. Assessing one’s personality can help answer the question of whether the latest trends should have an impact on your decision. An individual’s personality and tastes often affect each other, so considering those preferences will make the decision much easier.

What’s the Relationship
One more important point to keep in mind when deciding on jewelry choices is to look at what the nature of your relationship is with that person. A ring for mom on Mother’s Day, for instance, may not be the occasion for one to worry about being the most trendy or stylish but rather the importance of the person’s. If the recipient of the gift is younger and will likely be wearing the item only on special occasions, then maybe they’d prefer something that adheres to recent jewelry and fashion trends. Ultimately, a gift that is for a friend, a family member or a lover can deeply affect how much style and trendiness play a role. Keep in mind, though: jewelry is symbolic, and the thought put behind choosing the gift is what will have the most impact in most their eyes.

When Will It Be Worn
Different types of jewelry have different purposes. For instance, a stylish pair of large, flashy earrings may be only worn occasionally, whereas a subtle bracelet may be preferred for daily use. The latest trends may adhere to what is considered “in” but not often practical in daily life, so the type of jewelry you will be choosing can often determine how often it’ll be worn.

One more key consideration is whether the jewelry will remain appropriate over the long-term. As we age, our bodies change: ring sizes, wrist sizes and even pierced ears change. Ideally, you’d want your gift to be timeless. That’s why, you’ll want to consider whether the jewel you pick can be worn effectively by them or their children, in the years to come. Passing down jewelry as a gift, can be a legacy and you may be starting a new family tradition. In this case make sure to think about whether it can be enjoyed by both the person and/or their descendants in the future.

To summarize, do “trends” matter when selecting the ideal jewel for a friend, family member or spouse? In many cases absolutely. Whether it’s stylish and relevant enough to be worn frequently can be a big factor in people’s decisions regarding attire and style. However, many pieces out there truly are timeless and do not rely on the most current fads to be in demand or even stylish.